Chapter 21 – Sales and Use Tax

 Section 21-101    Definitions 21-102    Sales Tax Imposed 21-103    Use Tax Imposed 21-104    Exemptions 21-105    Maximum Tax Imposed 21-106    Collection and Administration 21-107    City Auditor Empowered to Contract With State Tax Commissioner 21-108    Corporate Office Liability 21-109    Dedication of Tax Proceeds 21-110    Compensation 21-111    Effective Date 21-112    Saving Clause 21-113    City Lodging Tax 21-114    City Lodging and […]

Chapter 20 – Penalty Provisions

ARTICLE I. PENALTY Section 20-101 Penalty for Violation of Ordinances 20-102 Penalty not Exclusive Lisbon Revised Ordinances  Article 1 – Chapter 20 ARTICLE I  PENALTY  20-101.  PENALTY FOR VIOLATION OF ORDINANCES. Except where a penalty is otherwise specifically provided in these ordinances, the penalty for any violation of these Revised Ordinances shall be as follows: […]

Chapter 19 – Aviation

 ARTICLE I. REGULATION AIRCRAFT OVER CITY Section 19-101 Definitions 19-102  Aircraft Owned by the Government, or Licensed by Foreign Governments 19-103  Minimum Height Limits for Aircraft 19-104  Operators of aircraft to be Licensed 19-105  Acrobatic Flying, Prohibited 19-106  Landing at Other Than Established Airport Prohibited 19-107  Operation Subject to Traffic Rules of Civil Aeronautics Authority […]

Chapter 18 – City Cemetery

ARTICLE I. RULES AND REGULATIONS Section 18-101 Location 18-102 Potter’s Field 18-103 Sexton, Care of Cemetery 18-104 Cemetery Board of Control; Composition: Final Authority 18-105 Funds, Use of from Sale of Lots; City Auditor 18-106 Price of Lots: Interment: Fees for Opening and Closing Graves 18-107 Regulations 18-108 General rules as to Acquiring Lots 18-109 […]

Chapter 17 – Public Library

ARTICLE I. PUBLIC LIBRARY Section 17-101 Establishing Public Library Lisbon Revised Ordinances Article 1 – Chapter 17 ARTICLE I PUBLIC LIBRARY 17-101.   ESTABLISHING PUBLIC LIBRARY. Pursuant to the  authority vested in the City Council of the City of Lisbon, North Dakota, by the vote of the electors of said City of Lisbon voting at the […]

Chapter 16 – Parks & Boulevards

ARTICLE I. PUBLIC PARKS Section 16-101  Creation of Park District of the City of Lisbon ARTICLE II. PLANTING AND PRESERVATION OF TREES Section 16-201  City Council to Control Planting of Trees and Shrubs 16-202  Definition of Trees 16-203  Definition of Streets 16-204  Shade Trees: Prescibed Height over Streets and Sidewalks 16-205  Duty to Trim Trees […]

Chapter 14 – Building Regulations

ARTICLE I. BUILDING PERMITS REQUIRED Section 14-101 Applications for Buildings Permit; Fee 14-102  City Auditor to File Application 14-103  City Auditor Keep Record 14-104  What Application to Contain 14-105  Applicant Must Sign Agreement 14-106  Inspection of Premises, Discovery, Order 14-107  Penalty ARTICLE II. CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDINGS Section 14-201 Construction, Approved Form 14-202  Quality of Materials […]

Chapter 13 – Fire Protection & Prevention

ARTICLE I. FIRE LIMITS Section 13-101 Fire Limits Defined 13-102  Same: Erection of Buildings Within 13-103  Alterations and Additions 13-104  Inspections of Buildings 13-105  Wooden Buildings; Declared Nuisance, When 13-106  Same: Fire Warden to Remove or Tear Down, When ARTICLE II. FIRE HAZARDS Section 13-201 Combustible Material in Open Air 13-202  Setting Fire in Open […]

Chapter 12 – Waterworks & Sewer System

ARTICLE I. WATERWORKS REGULATIONS Section 12-101  Superintendent of Waterworks and Sewerage to Have Charge of City Waterworks 12-101.1  Mandatory Use of the Municipal Water Service 12-102  Rules and Regulations Covering Consumer 12-103  Water Meters: Required 12-104  Same: Installation of by Whom, Regulations Governing 12-105  Same: No Allowance Made on rates for Excessive Use or Leaks […]

Chapter 11 – Streets & Sidewalks

ARTICLE I. STREETS 11-101 Naming and Numbering of Streets and   Avenues 11-102 Same: Avenues 11-103 Same: Avenues North of Sheyenne 11-104 Same: Streets ARTICLE II. NUMBERING OF LOTS AND PORTIONS OF LOTS 11-201 Residences and Business Property to be Numbered, How 11-202 Cases of Dispute Settled How 11-203 Expense of Numbering ARTICLE III. ESTABLISHING THE […]