Chapter 10 – Territorial Limits of the City

TERRITORIAL LIMITS OF CITY AND OF THE WARD THEREIN ARTICLE I. CITY LIMITS Section 10-101   City Limits 10-102   Territory and Property within the City Limits 10-103   Meaning of Name “City of Lisbon” ARTICLE II. WARDS Section 10-201 Wards and Boundaries of Same Lisbon Revised Ordinances Article 1 – Chapter 10 ARTICLE I […]

Chapter 9 – Health, Safety & Sanitation

ARTICLE I. BOARD OF HEALTH, HEALTH OFFICER  9-101 Board of Health: How Constituted 9-102  Same: Meeting of 9-103  Same: Jurisdiction 9-104  Same: To Provide Books 9-105  Health Officer: Appointment, Term of, qualifications 9-106  Same: To Have Supervision of Sanitation 9-107  Same: To Give Professional Advice to Whom 9-108  Same: To Report to Council, When 9-109  […]

Chapter 5 – Control of Animals, Birds, and Fowl

ARTICLE I. LICENSING AND CONTROL OF DOGS Section 5-101 Definition of Terms 5-102 License and Registration Required 5-103 Terms of License; Cancellation; Inoculated Every Twelve Months 5-104 Animal Must Have Collar with Rabies Tag and License Tag Attached. 5-105 Licensed, Registered and Tagged Dogs, Kept Unrestrained, When 5-106 Dog; Running at Large Declared Nuisance 5-107 […]

Chapter 3 – City Government & General Provisions

ARTICLE I. MUNICIPAL COURT Section 3-101  Exclusive Jurisdiction Over Ordinance Violations. 3-102  Office Hours. 3-103  Municipal Judge to Observe Hours 3-104  Conduct of Court Governed By 3-105  Conduct of Municipal Judge in Court 3-106  Ordinances, Enforced, How 3-107  Warrant of Arrest 3-108  Trial of Accused 3-109  Release of Accused, Bond 3-110  Sentence Enforced, How 3-111  […]