City tax equalization meeting minutes – Apr 13, 2023

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Tax Equalization Meeting for the City of Lisbon

Lisbon, North Dakota

April 13th 2023


The meeting via zoom and in person was called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Mayor Tim Meyer.   Ken Williams, Julie Cole, Ben Gemar, and LyDell Mairs were present.  Guests in attendance were Teresa Haecherl, City Assessor, Janna Miller-Deputy Auditor, Florian Wisnewski, Chad & Heather Hanna, Kenneth & Norine Erickson, Dr Steve Johnson, Mariah Poulin, Joe Poulin, Ann Bowman, Nick Shockman, John Easterday.  Guest joining via zoom Brett Bowman Darin Karlgaard, Doug & Liz Martin, Wes Wells, Jared Hoff, Carol’s Ipad and Lonnie Rotenberger joining via zoom.


Haecherl was introduced and the meeting was turned over to her.


Haecherl reported on the changes that she had made since the change sheets had been distributed.

Florian Wisnewski with parcel number 28-5934000 had reported that this parcel had increased.  After a brief discussion, Assessor Haecherl stated she will look into this further and will get back to Wisnewski.


Steve Johnson with parcel numbers 28-8003000, 28-8002000, 28-8000000 and 28-8001000.  He reported these increased substantially this year.  These lots are wet and not buildable lots.


MOTION – Mairs  SECOND – Cole

To change the valuation of these lots back to the original valuation of $900 per lot, due to being in the flood zone and not able to build on these lots.                                                                                  All Aye


Hanna’s and Erickson’s reported with parcel numbers 28-6500200 and 28-6500080.  The lots have a lot of front footage but are not very deep.


MOTION – Gemar SECOND – Mairs

To approve a 25% decrease due to the depth and drainage issues on parcels 28-6500200 and 28-6500080.

All Aye


Mariah Poulin reported with parcel number 28-6470010 that it had increased.  Haecherl explained and everything was resolved.


Joe Poulin reported with parcel number 28-0095000 that it had increased.  This lot is wide in the front and narrow in the back.  Haecherl will move this lot back down due to irregularities of the lot.  Parcel number 28-5921000 had an increase as well, as Poulin explained he has no water or sewer.


MOTION – Mairs  SECOND – Gemar

To approve a new deduction code for lots that don’t have water and sewer, this deduction will be at 25%, this deduction will be added to parcel 28-59291000.                                                                        All Aye


Ann Bowman reported with parcel number 28-6500047, after discussion was held that some of the increase happened before the sell, Haecherl will check on the date and return a call to them.


John Easterday report with parcel numbers 28-5465000 and 28-5466000 these lots are not buildable lots and inquired about the increase in value.


MOTION – Mairs  SECOND – Gemar

To return the lots to the previous evaluation, due to the lots are not buildable.                              All Aye


Reinharts reported with 28-5421000, this is the first time thru this process and wanted to be in attendance.


MOTION – Mairs  SECOND – Cole

To approve payment of the contract price 9,876.00 for 2023 assessing fees.                                    All Aye


MOTION – Gemar SECOND – Williams

To approve the changes made my Haecherl before meeting.                                                           All Aye



The meeting was adjourned at 6:53


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