Lisbon Water and Sewer

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  • 701-683-4140

Apply for service by downloading this form and bringing a completed copy to the City of Lisbon’s office

Account Set Up

Want $5? Sign up for Autopay!

  • If you sign up for City of Lisbon Automatic Payment Plan you can pay your water bill without even writing a check! Under this plan you will still receive a monthly statement, but instead of writing a check your payment will be automatically drawn from your checking account on the 8th of each month. You will receive a $5 energy credit on your first bill simply for signing up.

City maintenance and assessment services are based on the number of meters in the City of Lisbon. Therefore each property with a water meter, regardless of water turn off is required to continue payment of the following charges:

    • Maint Water $ 1.00
    • Maint W-Main $ 2.00
    • Maint Surplus $ 1.00
    • W/S 2001-1 $12.00
    • Refuse $13.00
    • Recycling $ 2.00
    • Total: $31.00

By signing below I am aware that the property’s water will be shut off and I will be responsible for the above monthly charges. I am also aware that I will be responsible for the $50 turn on fee upon my return. Payment will be required before or at the time of turn-on service. The City of Lisbon will no longer accept payment at a later date.

Snowbird and Water Shut offs


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