City Council Special Meeting Minutes – March 12, 2020

Lisbon City Council

Special Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2020

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The meeting was called to order by Mayor Tim Meyer.  All council members were in attendance, expect Lydell Mairs.  Guests in attendance were Kristina Dick, Jerry Ramerman, Don Eppler, and Lynn Kaspari – Ransom County Gazette.

MOTION-Rondestvedt SECOND- Cole

To reject the Water Main Replacement portion of the project at the cost of $530,047.58.                                    All Aye

MOTION – Gemar SECOND- Smith

To approve the decorating lighting from 5th Street to 11Th Street and speaker wire on 2nd to 5th and painting of the existing traffic poles.                                                                                                                                                                                         All Aye

Update on Flood outlook report by Mayor Meyer, outlook is good then spring melting is going better than anticipated.

MOTION – Smith SECOND – Cole

To have Mayor Meyer to sign agreement as drawn up by Don Eppler on 208 Elm St.                                         All Aye

MOTION – Gemar SECOND – Waliser

To approve the following offsite:

-Cattleman’s March 26 Sip and Shop – Lisbon Opera House – 4pm to 10pm

-Cattleman’s April 3 Agriculturist of Year – Lisbon Expo –  4pm to 10pm

-Lisbon Bissell Golf Course March 28th – Fire Ball Lisbon –   Expo – 4pm – 2am                                       All Aye

MOTION – Gemar SECOND – Cole

To approve the following Gaming Permit:

-2020-06 – Liqr Pigz Calendar Raffle

– 2020-07 – Golf Course Raffle Board                                                                                                                  All Aye

Mayor Meyer announced that the Library will be using the Council Chambers for Choco Chocolate & Used Book Sale April 17-23.

Meeting Adjourned

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