Trash collection update

It took a couple of months and a few meetings but the Lisbon City Council finally settled on a contract for garbage collection and recycling in the city.

At a special meeting of the council held March 14, the discussed and them unanimously agreed  to a contract with Fat Man Trash out of Kindred.

Fat Man, operated by Randy Jawaski, will begin operations officially on July 1.

The current contract with Waste Management will run out June 30.

The council had asked for bids back in January.

In February, the city rejected all bids because none of the bidders supplied all the information the city required.

Bids were rejected again in March when the sanitation committee recommended they be rejected because the committee wanted to go in a new direction.

That new direction apparently meant the city will be buying the commercial dumpsters that will be used by most business and larger users in the city.  Fat Man will still be supplying the residential and recycling containers.

Jawaski said that containers and dumpsters will begin being delivered in June after the Happy Days celebration June 17-19.

The relationship between the city and Waste Management has been somewhat strained over the years.

Five years ago the city dropped Waste Management in favor of Fraedrich Transport out of Enderlin for collection services.

However, Fraedrich sold that portion of the business back to Waste Management a few years later, putting them back in business in Lisbon.

The past winter, with higher than normal snowfall, made for delays in service and many phone calls to the city auditor’s office which fielded complaints.

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