Cemetery Information

Oakwood Cemetery Location: 6595 Highway 32 – Lisbon, ND

Superintendent: John Finstad – 701-680-0975

Cemetery Board

  • President: Tom Ose – 701-680-1443
  • Vice President: Ross Cole
  • Secretary: Yvonne Foyt
  • Treasurer: Kristina L Dick
  • Co-Treasurer: Janna Miller

Board Members

  • Morrie Saxerud
  • Rollie Reinke
  • Charlie Armstrong

Grave Decorations Guidelines




  • You may use it for burial space only for you and your immediate family at the Oakwood Cemetery, Lisbon, North Dakota.
  • Please keep in mind that the lots at Oakwood Cemetery may not be resold or reassigned by lot owners. Should you wish to relinquish your lot, it may be repurchased only by the Oakwood Cemetery Association.


Please follow these guidelines when placing plants, planters, or artificial decorations at grave sites:

  • Due to the weed spraying schedules, do not place plants, planters, or artificial decorations before May 15th. This date may vary depending upon weather conditions.
  • Place all planters, flowers and artificial decorations as close as possible to grave markers. Keep in mind that mowers must have space to maneuver close to grave markers.
  • Do not encircle plantings with wire, plastic, or wood “fences”.
  • Do not cultivate, mow or plant grave site or other areas of the lot.
  • Planting of bushes is discouraged. If planted, bushes should be small and kept below height of grave marker. Trees planted will be planted only be cemetery personnel. Donations for trees are welcome.
  • All unattended planters and artificial decorations not placed on grave markers or marker bases must be removed by July 1st. Please keep in mind that lightweight Styrofoam decorations have a tendency to be windblown.

Oakwood Cemetery Association

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